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Ford Aims for Silicon Valley Success with New CEO


For years motor enthusiasts have pitted manufacturers against each other, choosing sides and turning the automotive industry into a battleground. As the global economy grew and the market expanded to include imports, even more challengers entered the ring, and domestic companies began pouring resources into research and development to stay one step ahead of their rivals.  


Now experts say new technologies are coming to fruition faster than ever, but some of the fiercest competition comes from outside the industry, not within. In the past few years, Silicon Valley in particular has become a new focal point for automotive advancements. Tesla…

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Meet Jim Hackett, Ford’s New CEO


On Monday, May 22 Ford introduced the auto world to its brand new President and CEO. Jim Hackett, previously the chairman of Ford’s Smart Mobility subsidiary and a former member of the company’s Board of Directors, had accepted his position just three days before the announcement was made.

With Hackett’s appointment, Ford hopes to usher in a new era. The automobile industry is changing faster than ever before, and many traditional manufacturers have had trouble keeping pace in a world where fully electric cars and self-driving vehicles are fast becoming reality.  “We need to be quicker in…

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Future Ford Vehicles May Include Bamboo

Throughout the past few years, Ford has been researching the benefits and viability of using Bamboo in the interiors of Fords.


Bamboo has numerous benefits that intrigued Ford engineers. Its strength is comparable, and possibly better than, certain metals and it is currently easy to obtain due to its quick growth cycle. Bamboo is also flexible so it can be used in a variety of ways that Ford sees fit. In China, bamboo is seen as an extremely accessible, renewable, and green resource.

Ford’s research has shown that bamboo actually has better performance than natural fibers ranging from tensile…

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5 Simple Spring Maintenance Tips For Your Vehicle

As the weather becomes warmer, it is important to take some time and give your vehicle the TLC it needs. Winter weather can be rough on vehicles, but with these simple maintenance tips, your car will be ready to zoom into spring!


1. Spring Cleaning- Give Your Vehicle a Bath!

A thorough wash will remove any leftover salt and road grime your vehicle may have accumulated throughout the winter. Giving your car a good cleaning will refresh it for spring and help keep off rust. If you really want to be thorough, give your vehicle a nice wax as well…

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