Ford’s New Police Hybrid

If you see a police vehicle out on the road, there is a pretty fair chance that it is a Ford. Ford provides a wide and versatile line of police vehicles for stations across the country. The reliability and durability of Ford vehicles is what makes them an opportune choice to be service vehicles. Currently, there are 7 vehicles in Ford’s police fleet. However, there could soon be another permanently added in the form of a hybrid.

The company has recently added the Special Service Plug-In Hybrid Sedan to its growing list of vehicles used by the police. The Special Service Plug-In joins the Police Responder Hybrid as Ford’s only hybrid vehicles used by police. Though they are both hybrids, the designation of each vehicle is very different.

You may be surprised by the purpose of the Special Service Plug-In; it is not built for pursuit. However, it is highly specialized to provide transportation for little to no fuel. The goal of the vehicle is to give officers the ability to go through a shift with using as little gasoline as possible. The hybrid is thus optimized for duties such as transportation.

Ford, in all levels of its production, has made significant efforts to move towards cleaner and more environmentally friendly vehicles. It makes sense for the company to translate this into their police fleet. While the new hybrid isn’t pursuit rated, it can be a functional vehicle for many other police duties.

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