Ford Tests Advanced Exoskeleton

Constantly, consumers are reminded of the innovation of Ford. The company’s vehicles are state-of-the-art, possessing some of the most advanced technology that you can find in a car or pickup. However, perhaps what’s most impressive is the technology that Ford brings to the table outside of their vehicles. Most recently, the company has introduced and began using a powerful and advanced exoskeleton.

Ford’s exoskeleton, called EksoVest, could be revolutionary for the company. Ford’s dedicated workforce faces some fairly intensive labor in the production of its vehicles. For example, some Ford workers are estimated to raise their hands above their head to do overhead work a million times a year. This can take a significant toll on someone’s body.

Due to the burdens that its workers go through, Ford wanted to find a solution to keep their workers safe. The EksoVest could be the answer. The EksoVest helps to alleviate the burden of the load that the worker is carrying, while also providing support for the worker.

The human body is not designed to continually move in the same direction, completing the same motions. In a factory environment, this is often the case that workers find themselves in. This makes them much more susceptible to injury. With EksoVest, Ford workers may find themselves exposed to a much more comfortable and stress-free environment.

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