Ford and Mahindra Make a Deal

For Ford, staying stagnant is not an option. The company got its start making automobiles, and that remains its primary function to this day. However, as time has passed, the company has expanded its reach. Not only is it working and manufacturing in other fields, Ford is also operating in many other countries. The company has been integrating programs into other countries as they look to perfect different technologies and continue to be a global presence.

Ask someone where they believe the biggest vehicle market is, and they will likely answer China. While they would be right, China is the biggest market, it is not the only Asian market that should be made note of. India also has a very large population of drivers and is moving towards developing more of its own vehicles and technologies.

This is why Ford has teamed up with one of the top manufacturers in the country, Mahindra. Mahindra has lead the production of SUVs in India for the last seventy years. If developing an SUV in India is the goal, they are the company to work with.

This is exactly the course Ford has decided to take. The two companies signed five memoranda of understanding (MoU). These MoUs set the stage for the pair to develop three vehicles. The first will be a midsize SUV, the second a compact SUV, and an electric vehicle.

This union should produce fruit as both companies move towards solving mobility issues and developing new vehicles for the ever-changing industry.

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