Ford Starts Farm Program

As Ford matures as a company, their interests change. Of course, the company’s automobiles will always be at the forefront, as they are an automaker. However Ford is also investing considerable time, money, and effort into different projects and technologies centering around mobility. As the world changes, mobility must adapt, which is why Ford is putting so much effort in its development.

Many of the company’s mobility efforts involve moving people from place to place, or shipping goods in a more efficient manner. Now, however, the company has shifted its mobility goals to food. Detroit is now the home of the first-ever Ford Mobile Farm. The farm was developed by Ford employees who partook in the Thirty Under 30 program.

The goal of the farm is to both feed and educate residents in Detroit. The new initiative features two sides in order to achieve this. Its production is centered around an indoor aquaponics garden. The garden is contained within a 40-foot shipping container and should yield a surprising amount of food. The garden will be harvested 52 times, providing the food of two acres.

The second piece of this project is the education. A F-150 with a garden planted in its bed will travel to local schools. This will allow students hands-on education opportunities. The fact that it is mobile means that the program can reach a large number of students; they no longer have to go to the farm, as the farm can come to them. Mobility is the future of many industries, and farming may be among them.

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