Ford Makes Strides in Future Mobility

The future of the automotive industry is always changing and evolving. As new technologies come into the market, the course that the industry will take alters. However, the future of the automotive industry is tied directly in with the development of future mobility.

Cities have long had problems with mobility. The massive number of people working and residing within city limits leads to congestion, a lack of parking space, and pollution. This is evident in cities across the United States and throughout the world. Ford has spearheaded development in an attempt to solve the mobility issues that plague U.S. cities.

The company has moved testing and development of its autonomous vehicle technology to Miami, Florida. Miami is a prime choice for a location of such a technology; it is ranked tenth overall in the world when it comes to congestion. Ford hopes to fix this.

With their autonomous technology, Ford hopes to see driverless vehicles soon on the road. The company is already testing the viability of this approach; Ford is running Domino’s deliveries in a self-driving Ford vehicle, and they will begin working soon doing the same with Postmates.

The future of mobility and the automotive industry go hand in hand. In cities, where congestion is a real problem, self-driving vehicles may provide a solution in allowing people to get from one place to another in a very efficient manner.

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