F-150 Favorite of Military

The F-150 is an extremely popular, durable, and dependable pickup truck that has enjoyed a rather storied history in the United States. This history has led the pickup to be the primary choice for many people throughout the country. Among the multitudes of people who pick the F-150 over all other comers are those who are serving in the military.

For both active-duty military personnel, as well as veterans, the F-150 is the vehicle of choice. It is officially the most popular vehicle among the men and women of the armed forces. While the Ford and its F-150 have attained this recognition before, it’s still very important to the company.

Todd Eckert, who is the Ford truck group marketing manager, spoke about why military personnel turn to the pickup, saying, “F-150’s high-strength, military-grade, aluminum-alloy body is designed to serve customers who are used to performing in the harshest of environments and who rely on the capability, durability, and functionality delivered consistently by Built Ford Tough.”

Ford has long been heavily supportive of those serving in the military, and especially veterans returning home. The company sponsors numerous scholarship and training programs for returning vets. Dedication by both sides has led Ford and the nation’s military personnel to coexist in a strong relationship. Ford F-150s are the optimal choice for the military and veterans.

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