An Owner’s Perspective

Often when vehicles are advertised, they are shown with their best features highlighted. The facts are detailed, describing everything from headroom to engine size, but there’s no personal interaction, no words of wisdom from a person who actually owns the vehicle and uses it on a daily basis, as opposed to someone who has taken it for a few quick test drives. This video changes that and brings in an owner’s perspective on the 2017 Transit Connect.

Meredith Davis shows the stellar exterior and interior features that are included in his Transit Connect. For someone who needs a lot of space, the Transit Connect is the answer. While often thought of as work vehicles or public transportation, vans offer plenty of cargo room for an active driver as well, and can haul bikes, camping equipment, and other gear just as well as any truck or SUV. Plus, as Davis shows us, they may be even more relaxing!

Davis is sure to recommend the transit after his experience owning this versatile vehicle. It's great to get a real owner's opinion.  

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