Ford Awards Grants to Student STEAM Projects

STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and math. STEAM programs have become an integral part of the nation’s education system. As the country looks for ways to boost interest in these subjects, STEAM programs serve as a way to accomplish this.

Many companies invest in student STEAM programs in order to allow the younger generations an opportunity to flourish and succeed in innovation. Ford is among the companies adamant that investing in such programs is an important part of bettering society.

In accordance with this goal, the company hosted a challenge spanning the entire country. The challenge tasked student teams with developing a project that would benefit their community. The issues that the project solved needed to be real, so that the project benefited the community when completed.

The stakes were very high for the competing teams, as the prizes for the winning teams were monetary grants for the completion of the projects. The top prize was a $20,000 grant, the second place prize was a $10,000 grant, and there were four third place prizes of $5,000.

The competition provides these school teams with the ability to make a difference in their community. The top placed school was Spruce Creek High School, in Port Orange, Florida. Their team developed a smartphone app that allows for communication in disaster areas.

The ideas and innovations that resulted from the challenge show the importance of STEAM and the companies that believe in it.

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