Advancing SUVs

Automotive companies, with the stiff competition that forms between brands, often highlight one type of vehicle. This vehicle is often what the company becomes known for. For example, the large automakers like Ford sell all varieties of vehicles. However, Ford is particularly well known for its F-150 pickup trucks. The company sells all styles of vehicles, but the F-150 is the best-selling pickup in the country.

It is well known that Ford is known for the pickups. However, what may not be as well known is how well the company does in its SUV sales. In fact, 2017 was record-setting for Ford’s SUV sales. Going into 2018, Ford is making a name for itself with its SUVS. The company, knowing this, is pursuing new SUV models.

There are at least two new SUV models coming to Ford. One is a new ST model, while the other is a completely new vehicle. The company debuted the new Edge ST at the beginning of the year. The SUV is built for performance, and designed to handle more than the standard Edge. The Edge ST hits the pavement with a V6 engine and 335 horsepower with a 2019 model.

The new SUV that Ford has in the works is different from the rest in the lineup. Coming in 2020, Ford will have an all-electric performance SUV named the Mach 1. Combining clean energy and high-performance, the Mach 1 is an answer to future performance vehicles. The vehicle is two years away, but there’s the Edge ST to occupy your time until then.

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