Ford Outpaces the Competition

A new year means new vehicles and sales for auto companies. Right now, automakers are pushing their 2018 models. There have been some impressive models introduced for the 2018 season, including some brand new vehicles. Though it is certainly not a new vehicle, the 2018 Ford Mustang is a little different from its previous model years. These changes seem to be popular with consumers, as the 2018 model has sold well over 7,000 vehicles so far.

It is these sales that helped the Ford Mustang have a pretty good selling year. In fact, the Ford Mustang edged out its top rivals for sales. It did so quite thoroughly. The Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Camaro had respectable sales of their own. The Challenger recorded 64,537 sales, while the Camaro picked up 67,940. In comparison, the Mustang charted 81,866 sales.

The distance between the three competitors’ sales indicates that Ford performed quite well this year. Sales for most automakers in 2017 were less than stellar, and across the board sales were down. Even though Mustang sales were down, the fact that it still reigned in on top of the Challenger and Camaro shows consumer interest.

Ford hopes for even higher sales of its legendary muscle car. There is some indication that the 2018 Mustang may see a new Shelby model. With the new year just starting, it will be interesting to see where the year takes the Mustang. It may come out on top again this year.

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