Ford Introduces New Police Interceptor

For decades, Ford has been the trusted supplier for many of the nation’s law enforcement agencies. The power, durability, and reliability of Ford vehicles make them ideal choices for the burdens of law enforcement. As time has passed, Ford has regularly added to their law enforcement fleet, introducing new vehicles and better

Ford has just introduced a new vehicle to its fleet, and it’s very unique. The newest addition to the growing police lineup is the Police Interceptor Utility hybrid. From the first step, the utility vehicle is unique; it’s the first pursuit-rated hybrid SUV. This an important stride for the industry; police officers can now use less gas on patrol, without sacrificing the power and performance necessary for pursuit.

As a SUV, the Interceptor is very versatile. In general, the automotive industry has been gravitating towards SUVs for their multiple uses. This adaptability is especially important for police officers. Now, agencies across the nation can utilize SUVs, while also saving money on gas.

In addition to focusing heavily on SUVs, Ford has also been putting considerable work into developing its electric and hybrid vehicles across the board. The police fleet is not exempt from this. Officers spend considerable time in their vehicle, and the Interceptor hybrid could save over $3,000 in gas compared to the gas-powered Interceptor utility. As hybrid technology advances, more police vehicles sporting the technology will be on the road, including those that are pursuit-rated.
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