Autonomous Vehicles Move Forward in Miami

As time continues to march on, it seems that many technologies that were deemed “impossible” are becoming very real. While flying cars are still out of the picture for the time being, driverless, self-driving vehicles are becoming a reality. Autonomous vehicles have been in serious development for years now, and are now starting to be tested in the real world.

Ford is among the companies that are heavily testing this new technology. The company’s testing is focusing heavily in Miami, Florida. Miami is a very congested city; it is ranked in the top-10 congested cities in the world. That’s why the city is the perfect location for the development of autonomous vehicles.

Due to its key location, Ford has launched its autonomous vehicle operations terminal in the city. It will be the home base for the company’s self-driving vehicles, and where they will launch their tests. In Ford’s case, the company has been testing self-driving vehicles by integrating them into Domino’s delivery fleet. This is a real-world situation that could eventually see autonomous vehicles playing a large part.  

The autonomous fleet is far from perfected. There are challenges that Ford has to face in order to establish a fully-functioning self-driving fleet. The operations terminal will go a long way in solving how to maintain and clean the vehicles. Many cities are troubled with mobility issues, and autonomous vehicles may help solve them.

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