Ford Continues Aid in Houston After Hurricane Harvey

Natural disasters, such as hurricanes, can have a devastating effect on cities and the people who reside in them. A clear example of this is Hurricane Harvey, which tore through Puerto Rico and the southern United States last year. Houston, Texas was hit particularly hard, and there are still residents who are struggling.

Many companies, organizations, and individuals have helped with the rebuilding process. However, such a catastrophic event requires months and years of time to fix. Ford has been chief among companies helping the city, and the company continues its aid more than nine months after the storm.

Most recently, the company held a Texas is Family event. This event was held in conjunction with numerous organizations that have been helping to rebuild in the wake of the hurricane. The event was marked with Ford’s donation of 38 vehicles to eight organizations. These vehicles will be used to help distribute services and supplies throughout the Houston area to those who still need it.

Additionally, some of these vehicles may be used as emergency vehicles in the event of another natural disaster. With hurricane season quickly approaching, having these vehicles and fixing the damage caused by Harvey is very important. Ford is dedicated to helping Texas in its recovery from Hurricane Harvey, and its donation of 38 vehicles highlights this dedication.

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