Ford Brings Advanced Technology to Detroit

Ford’s long and storied history is intertwined with the city of Detroit. The city is where the company got its start and built the automotive empire that exists today. In recent years, however, the company has not maintained nearly as much of a significant presence as in decades past. The company plans to fix that with a new location in the Corktown neighborhood.

The new location is the operating center for Ford Team Edison. The team is the company’s foremost electric vehicle team. They are tasked with designing and delivering electric vehicles that the company can use worldwide.

In addition to electric vehicle development, the Corktown center also plays host to Ford’s autonomous vehicle business team. Self-driving cars, along with those that are electrically-powered, are the future for the automotive industry. Ford is pursuing its future in the city where it got its start. The location, beyond its historical significance, is also advantageous.

The urban environment is perfect for testing out Ford’s autonomous and electric vehicles as they are being developed. The goal of these new vehicles are to help solve the mobility issues that often plague cities. Ford is putting a lot of time and effort into developing these vehicles; over $11 billion has been committed to global electric vehicle development alone. As Ford pushes into the future, the city of Detroit will be its staging area.

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